Making our mark
with our team approach and end-to-end service

Being client-centric requires engaging all of our specialized expertise and resources around each client’s current need. Our areas of specialization are interdependent, collaborating to optimize your search experience and results.

Team Components

Information Management

From sophisticated database management to strategic leveraging of market
intelligence and coordination of client/candidate communication, we manage the flow of information with attention to detail.


Leveraging technology and degrees in Library Science, our in-house team of researchers adeptly feed us the insights required to form a search strategy and identify top performing organizations and people as potential sources of talent.


We are ambassadors for our clients in the marketplace, representing them in an informed way, approaching prospective candidates in a respectful and professional manner. We establish trust and open doors to non-job seekers, or “passive candidates,” that would have never considered a new opportunity. We are appropriately persistent and considerate of candidates’ time, including being available 24/7 to accommodate their schedules.

Candidate Stewardship

We steward the candidate relationship, presenting opportunities without embellishment. Communicating frequently, transparently and candidly we are cognizant that considering a new opportunity impacts a great number of people, including the candidate’s family and their current teams and organization.

Client Counsel

A unique part of focusing on best-led organizations is that we conduct searches in an array of industries and functional areas, across organizations of varying sizes and ownership structures. As such, we bring to the table knowledge of organizational designs, recruiting strategies and business practices as well as the ability to identify those which are transferrable to a client's specific market space.

We own the search process from beginning to end. From writing and building consensus around position profiles to due diligence and candidate transition, we’ll deliver all that’s required to ensure the selected candidate becomes an impactful addition to our client’s team.

Our Approach

As strategic partners in search and selection, we are guided by a process that has been refined through hundreds of successful client engagements and is proven to deliver results.

Our process serves as a framework, not a fetter, allowing us to be agile in customizing the approach based on your organization and individual needs.

Through it all, regular progress reporting keeps our clients updated and engaged in the process. We proactively identify challenges and come to the table with creative solutions.

Each search is unique as is the strategy that enables its success. We begin by clearly understanding the priorities of the organization and the position sought. This enables us to set a vision for what—and who—is needed to help the organization reach new heights of excellence.

Facilitating Strategic Alignment

Whether through conversation or formal facilitation with stakeholders, we help ensure a precise articulation of the expectations of the professional we seek to attract.


Immersing Ourselves in Your Culture

To identify talent who will align with your organization’s culture, we seek to understand your mission, vision, values and environment as if they were our own. We combine site tours, team introductions, online research, and audits of collateral material to appreciate your organizational structure, communication style, and market positioning—all to arrive at a vision of the type of professional who would best align culturally.

Designing the Recruitment Profile

Typically, those we recruit are attending to their current roles with loyalty and dedication. A key asset in attracting the best talent is a clear marketing of your organization and the opportunity. A professional and compelling recruiting profile can motivate them to consider the possibility of making a move.

There is a nuance to attracting and aligning exceptional talent. Rhythm. Timing. Perseverance. And this is where our preparedness, experience, and intuition position us to attract blue-chip candidates by having informed conversations.


Thorough search strategy, advanced technology and contemporary research methods complement our far-reaching database of relationships. From identifying and screening top performers to presenting finalists and assisting with selection, our recruitment efforts are customized to the needs and timeline of each client.

Compiling Competitive Intelligence

We combine a research-based process with thoughtful strategy to secure competitive intelligence about our client’s industry and its most exceptional professionals. We appropriately share this information to the benefit of our client.

To help secure the interest of the finalist, we facilitate consensus related to candidate selection criteria, candidate evaluation, and candidate communication. We work closely with our client to ensure culture alignment, as well as congruence of values; two critical components of any successful partnership.

Assessment and Selection

Assessing the alignment of the candidate with the responsibilities of the position and the culture of the organization is critical. We counsel our clients on interview processes, tactics and questions, and we help devise assessment criteria that provide consistent and prescriptive comparison of finalists.

Compensation and Due Diligence

When considering a new role, a candidate must take into account compensation, relocation, family considerations, benefits, timing and other matters. By understanding these motivations in detail and communicating the information effectively to our client, we enable a swift and efficient negotiation and acceptance of the offer.

Our process does not end with acceptance of the offer. We deliver service ‘after the finish line’ because the impact of an organization’s new executive is affected by a swift, smooth, supported transition to their new surroundings and the establishment of the placement and his/her family in their new community.

Aiding Leadership Transition

We engage trusted partners to assist our client’s new executive and his or her family with every phase of the transition, from relocation and spousal employment to community integration.


Assessing Impact

An executive’s ongoing performance and enduring value for our client are measures of true success for any executive placement. We maintain disciplined follow up with our clients and placements, exchanging feedback that ensures professional satisfaction and long-term success.


After we recruited the chief operating officer of an urban hospital, we helped him transition through his relocation to become an entrenched member of his new community. We provided resources for temporary housing and sale of his existing home, introduced him to multiple community organizations, one of whose board he joined, and follow up regularly with him and our client to ensure expectations continue to be met. We've even helped him start to build out his own team. This partnership that has had a tremendous impact on both the organization and the community.


Our higher education clients appreciate our respect for inclusion and process related to engaging faculty, administration, students, unions, alumni, boards of trustees and other leadership. Active listening is at the core of achieving strategic alignment, complemented by clear and timely communication, as well as concise but informative documentation.